How Can Vitamin E Help you Get Rid of Acne

The problem with most acne products is that they are too focused on getting rid of the acne causing bacteria. As a matter of fact almost all of the acne products uses benzoyl peroxide, a chemical compound that effectively kills the acne causing bacteria from your pores. Though this chemical compound can be very effective in killing the acne bacteria, it does not address the other factors that triggers the formation of acne.

One of these important factors that we need to address is oxidation. Oxidation can weaken your skin layer increase skin cell death and at the same time speeds up aging. Aside from the fact that it increases cellular death, oxidation can also cause the skin cells to clump together. Normally dead skin cells would simply slough off allowing newer skin cells to take their place. But because of oxidation, these skin cells stick together thus preventing the produced oil to reach the skin’s surface. Most acne products do not deal with oxidation. As a matter of fact some treatments can even oxidize your skin thereby damaging healthy skin cells in the process.

So how do we deal with oxidation? Is there a way to treat acne without damaging healthy skin cells? You can either go the natural way, leave acne to run its course or you can look for products that contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a potent anti-oxidant. It helps you get rid of free radicals that causes oxidation. But not only that, this vitamin is also considered as one of the essential vitamins and minerals that can help you maintain a healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin E strengthens the lipid barrier and keeps your skin smooth and soft. One of the main advantages of Vitamin E is that it helps reduce the risk of scar formation. Acne scars are very challenging to treat and is easier prevented than treated.

Most people incorporates Vitamin E to their daily skin care routine by using a moisturizer that uses vitamin E as one of its special ingredients. This allows them to balance the effects of their primary acne treatment and at the same time to lock in the skin’s moisture.

Aside from Vitamin E creams and lotions, you can also get Vitamin E through supplementation. Vitamin E capsules are very popular to acne victims. However, if you take Vitamin E regularly, it is important to monitor your Vitamin E levels because this type cannot be excreted regularly by your kidneys.